Staring at the moon.

Sitting at a green light hunched over my steering wheel staring at the moon, a car honks and i’m dragged unwillingly back to reality. I don’t know why I’m the weird one, taking a moment to appreciate that beautiful ball of argon who’s been so kind to float in such comforting proximity to my eyeballs all these nights. I mean come on, the guys been pulling tides for a few billion years, lighting up the battlefields of World War 2, helping dinosaurs read books at night, you name it, he’s been there. It’s the same moon my ancestors looked at, and their ancestors, and I just think it deserves a little more respect than a halogen street lamp, that’s all. So go ahead, honk your horn, or get out of your car and stare with me, I hear it’s nice out tonight.


One thought on “Staring at the moon.

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