My Malafide Hiatus

I won’t apologize for being gone, I had good reason. I am sorry though! Let me catch you up with a quick recap of the last 23 years.

Was Born, did childhood. Still wondering who took this picture.


Doodled a lot, allegedly grew up.


Did adventure.


Possibly lost my sanity at one point? 


Felt kind of small.


May have played Gauntlet Dark Legacy in a laundromat.

Photo Nov 20, 7 58 22 PM

Pondered meaning of life.

Photo Sep 15, 2 47 52 AM

Tried to start a webcomic, will RSVP.


Whoa look at this.


Never learned how to cook at all.

photo (6)

Went to college. Was late for class because I was making a blog post.

Photo Oct 03, 4 13 50 PM

Drew a Churro train. Awesome.

Photo Dec 28, 12 55 14 AM

Stared at this until I needed glasses. Still staring at it. Oh god i’m staring at it now.

Photo Jan 17, 8 41 55 PM

Found employment as a puppy bed.

Photo Jan 22, 11 57 03 PM

Experienced pinnacle of human technology.

Photo Jan 26, 5 49 29 PM

Made (is making) stuff that looks good (great?).


Any questions? Okay now we’re all caught up then let’s get to it!


2 thoughts on “My Malafide Hiatus

  1. masterbias says:

    Some of those “web comic” images are ones I have never seen before. I would like to see more.

  2. Funny thing is there aren’t any more. That was the last strip I was making and as you can see I never finished the 3rd panel. 😀

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