Briefly Conspicuous


This is an illustration I made in reference to a photograph my father took, and the caption he used to describe it. It’s the first time I’ve hand drawn artwork in vector form. You can see my dads original blog post here. All in all I’d say it took about two hours to make, all while watching old Michael J. Fox movies.

3 thoughts on “Briefly Conspicuous

  1. masterbias says:

    Hey this is VERY cool! Awesome! I still don’t get the vector lines thing though. I clicked on the link and could see PART of the bird (scribbled lines) but I perhaps you can show me how it works someday at your computer.

    • Yeah I’d love to show you some time. The scribbled lines are just the mathematically recorded lines that act as the structure for the art. Things like color, fill, and other effects are placed onto these lines as a structure. This is what allows vector work to be scaled to any size.

      The reason you can only see part of the image is because I zoomed in just so you could see a little more detail. When I am drawing I do not see these scribbled lines, you can toggle the view to see the underlying line structure (which can come in handy for some things).

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