Last night I had a dream. No, not about the civil rights of my children. About boats! Fast boats. Boats so fast they can’t be controlled. Flying over bridges and crashing back down into the river below. Skimming across the surface of super highways lit like laser beams and sunlight. Racing almost into another dimension. Accelerating and accelerating until you can’t take it any more. You jump out, and watch your rocket boat crash into the side of a building.

I’ve seen this before. Over the years as I’ve begun tracking and sketching my dreams, a common theme has emerged: Speed and the inability to stop it. Whether I’m walking, biking, running, driving, snowboarding, flying, or boating, I can’t stop. Sometimes I want to stop, sometimes I try to stop, but I can’t stop. I can never stop.

I’ve asked doctors “Why can’t I ever stop in my dreams?” but they seem puzzled. I’ve asked mechanics if they can fix my brake lines but don’t understand when I point to my head.

I guess I’ll just keep moving.

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6 thoughts on “Dreamsketching

  1. castiblanc says:

    Interesting i like so much how it looks, it shows perfectly your problem with the speed, one can see all the movement in the sketch.

  2. annierue says:

    I often dream of only being able to run backwards. Some mornings I’m afraid to stand up from bed and move forward, for fear of being stuck in place. Maybe I run backwards because I prefer to not see where I’m going.

  3. Kenneth says:

    The drawing is awesome! Have you tried lucid dreaming? In theory, that should enable you to slow down in your dreams. (and do all kinds of other things) It takes some patience and consistency to get there, though. And things like sleep paralysis and looking into mirrors in your dreams might be on the scary side of things.

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