Play it cool, man.


Somehow doodling little fuzzy hats on my stick figures makes me feel warmer. It’s 0*F here in Idaho so naturally I drew this with gloves on, that’s why the lines look all janky, which according to WordPress is not a real word.

I have a history of awkward moments with retail employees. I don’t think we understand each other. I’d try correcting them “KEVIN… no.. KE-VIN”, but it wasn’t worth it. Evan is a fine name anyways and he apparently has great taste in coffee. I’ll just be Evan, that’s fine. “TO GO….. TO … GO…. OUT……… OUT” Okay I guess I’m eating here. At least the music is nice and I don’t have to wait until I get home. La-de-dah.

Oh well. If Ryan Gosling taught me anything in the movie Drive it’s that speaking up is totally uncool. If you need me Evan will be enjoying his hot water to stay.

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7 thoughts on “Play it cool, man.

  1. tomschronicles says:

    “Ok, I guess I’m eating here..” That’s a VERY funny post!

  2. tomschronicles says:

    How do I reblog this post? I hit “press this,” but it didn’t show up properly.. grrr..

    • I don’t understand the “Press This” button either. Maybe what we are looking for is that button way way up at the top of the page that says “Reblog” with a squarrow next to it (Just made that up by the way, copyright.)

      I appreciate the efforts in sharing! I award you 50 cow bucks. 😀

      • tomschronicles says:

        Thanks for the cow bucks. I’ll look for the “squarrow.” Good term. I see it now. Consider yourself reblogged.. that is, if I can get the squarrow to work.

  3. tomschronicles says:

    Reblogged this on Wandering Spirit and commented:
    This is a funny post from a fellow Boise blogger.

  4. Kenneth says:

    Hah, good one! I pretend small-talk is one big misunderstanding, so I’m not getting too annoyed anymore.

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