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Today I woke up, and read my texts, emails, and messages like usual. The weird part is that I wasn’t awake. The weirder part is that I knew it.

Lately I’ve been waking up only half-way, and reading things that my subconscious is creating without my involvement on my phone. I don’t have to think of the things before I read it, they are already there just like they would be if I was awake. Sometimes it’s a message from family or friends, and sometimes it’s spam mail from an oil change place that doesn’t exist. I’ll just keep reading them like I would a normal message because as far as I’m concerned it’s all new information, even though I know I’m not awake. It’s like some kind of fake internet my mind created. I’ve read entire news stories and marketing pitches in this dream internet, sometimes I even think I learned something new. Who knows maybe I did.

I also tried making some kind of comprehensive life philosophy list today but that didn’t work out..


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4 thoughts on “Dreambending

  1. So are you freaked out by this or are you cool with it? It’s pretty dam interesting…you should so teach by the way…just vibe that for you the most when I look over your list…Miss Moonstalker…i mean sparkle….

    • Oh I savor the weird lucid stuff. Doesn’t freak me out at all.

      As for teaching, sure I like it but where’s the glory? 🙂

      • Oh that’s splendid re weird lucid stuff…I agree…I have the same type of thing’s occur every now and then and it always seem’s to be when thing’s get a bit blah and it cheer’s me up a treat! Ya…I’m hearing you re the glory thing also…I had a dream I taught a regular class at a stadium rather than a classroom…but there were only 25 peep’s who fricken attended…that buzz-killed my dream to bits so I made myself wake up in disgust.

  2. RoboticRAven says:

    Weird. I just recently started getting spam emails from oil change places. I guess that’s the new thing? I like your bug.

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