Questionable Confidence


Sometimes in life you come across the question “How would you rate your self confidence?”. When I see that question I usually want to select “Extremely confident” and “Not at all confident” simultaneously. I think it could best be summed up with the following sentence: “I’m the best, right?”.

The key word there is the “right?’ at the end. Because I’m a supremely confident–almost arrogant–person, but only if other people approve of that analysis, right?

It’s what happens when you go through life loving yourself while simultaneously assuming that everybody else hates you, and you really don’t need it. That I am extremely confident about.

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7 thoughts on “Questionable Confidence

  1. Love your blog 😊 Sarcastic, sardonic but surprisingly upbeat and positive. My kinda talkin’ *applause*

  2. I love this….the art work, the message…it’s you in a blog post.

  3. Kenneth I. says:

    Hah, I know this one. I frequently get the feeling that everyone secretly hates my guts and shows me in a very passive aggressive manner. Confidence is a boolean.

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