Am I a dumb? A mental expropriation.


Everyone agrees on two things: that a majority of people are stupid, and that they are not one of them. We can as such deduce that a common factor shared among all stupid people is a sincere belief that they are not stupid. I can say I’m smart, but that’s exactly what a stupid person would say. Therefore the only way to prove objectively that I am smart is to believe I am stupid, which is the one thing a stupid person would never do. Unfortunately reaching this conclusion makes me feel smart, which reintroduces the possibility that I may be stupid. I realize now that my only choice it to believe that I may or may not be stupid, and I don’t feel any way about that.


Solved, next question.


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4 thoughts on “Am I a dumb? A mental expropriation.

  1. Brandon R. says:

    Comparing all that I think I know against all that I don’t know or think I don’t know, I feel stupid every day. Although, I seem to have enough intelligence to maintain this life I’m currently living, or maybe it is someone else?

  2. Cliff says:

    That’s a crazy photo.

  3. .Tiina says:

    Thanks for this mental exploration! It made me laugh out loud 🙂 Just what I needed. Love the photo too!

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