Ahhh it’s Halloween time. Free we are once again to frolic in meadows of skulls, stopping to smell the corpses, maybe take a splash in the River Styx. Fun for everyone! And i’m going to enjoy it while I can because rest assured after the fun is over the true horror begins. Yes, I’m talking about Christmas season.

Can you hear it? Can you hear the jingling in the distance? Coming closer.. closer still. A faint march on the horizon. You can see it now. An army of trolls adorned in horribly clashing blood red and vomit green glitter. At its head a grotesquely obese man. He comes closer and you can make out a banner he carries in his hand: “2 for 1”.

God help us all….


3 thoughts on “Trick

  1. It….gaini….eed….ead…..buffalo…..

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