Gummi Blare

fuckbook2 fuckbook3 fuckacover

Sometimes I’m sad, but I’m happy I’m sad. I think being able to feel anything makes me one of the lucky ones. Some people can’t feel sad, just empty. Other people have died and can’t feel anything at all. I feel grateful just that I can lift up my eyelids and see things, anything. I know people younger than me who didn’t make it that far today.

I wish I could tell other people how not to be sad, but nobody can. It’s better to listen instead. So that’s what I’m going to do, listen.

Hope you like the fake book cover, like all things it has no purpose.

And hey, I’m moving to Los Angeles at the end of this month! Pretty big deal for a kid from small town Idaho.


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3 thoughts on “Gummi Blare

  1. annierue says:

    It’s good to be sad. It means you can feel happiness- just not right now. That’s what I THINK! And congratulations of moving to Los Angeles. I THINK you’ll love it.

  2. I had to leave the core. It had tried to bring me into the fold. I’ve made it back to the main controls. The machine has seemed to have gotten rid of its clothing collection. The childrens’ shoes still remain and has grown quite a bit.

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