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Peanut Better


There’s personal glory ahead.

Whatever wreckage I leave behind me, I must ignore.

Maybe I’m sorry, or maybe I’m not. Maybe I never will be. I’m not quite sure.

But at least for now, I must press forward at the expense of anything and everything that stands in the way.

The medics will address the fires.

My time is limited, I’ll see that finish line.

And if I do spin my tires, it will be for heat, not for you.

Not for anyone.

Tear the mirrors off, clear the track. Let’s go faster now.


Image note: Spanish Grand Prix, 1970.


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Controlled Drive



Just because you’re holding my map upside down doesn’t mean I’m lost.

Now hand me back that map and try to keep up, because I won’t wait for you.


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It’s hard to tell.

Hard to tell if all this fire.

Has come here to destroy me.

Or rebuild me.

Not that it matters.

I didn’t come here to  sway the fire.

Not that I could, but..

I came to watch it burn.

Image Note: Base and Pre-Manipulated Photo Credits N/A at this time. 

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I Can Take This


A cockroach can withstand 900 times it’s own weight in pressure, survive on postage stamp glue, and breathe underwater for 45 minutes. Calling someone a cockroach is a poor insult. I should be so lucky to have something in common with the cockroach.

I hope you all find your inner cockroach. Just–you know–not in your clothes or anything.


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This should be prefaced with an explanation. It’s not. I’m sorry.

Pre-manipulated photo credit here

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Satan is pleased pt. II: Rage of the puppy


You know me, just messing around in Photoshop again.

Original photo: http://tinyurl.com/mxlq9jb

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I’m sitting here trying to find my way to the sweet relief of Thanksgiving break and all these Christmas jingles have already got me ready to blow my brains out. Burn it down. Just burn it all down.

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