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Peanut Better


There’s personal glory ahead.

Whatever wreckage I leave behind me, I must ignore.

Maybe I’m sorry, or maybe I’m not. Maybe I never will be. I’m not quite sure.

But at least for now, I must press forward at the expense of anything and everything that stands in the way.

The medics will address the fires.

My time is limited, I’ll see that finish line.

And if I do spin my tires, it will be for heat, not for you.

Not for anyone.

Tear the mirrors off, clear the track. Let’s go faster now.


Image note: Spanish Grand Prix, 1970.


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Oh, right.


Arrogance, how are you. Want to take the wheel for today? You look well rested, and I’m very tired.

I’m not sure if people like you more, or less, or the same. You don’t seem to care though. I always appreciated that about you.

Ready to fly?

Note: Here’s a link to a summarized creation GIF for last weeks ‘Founder’ post.

Image Note: Background Image ‘Twins’ 1988. Script by hand.

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My heart is broken, in the most literal sense. A recent doctor visit revealed that I have extra thick heart muscles on my lower left. Nobody seemed to know what that meant, so they set me up with a cardiologist, told me to return my Daily Burn: Extreme Core Heart Blaster DVD, and sent me on my way.

On the bright side I’m otherwise extremely healthy! Pending my sudden and dramatically acted death of course. I think dying from a broken heart is a pretty Greek god sort of way to go out though don’t you?

Hope you enjoyed the illustration. Feel free to share your own interpretation. I’ve heard a few.


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